North Frontenac Telephone Company
1019 Windwood Drive
Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613.279.2193
Toll Free: 1.888.638.3575

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JANUARY 4th, 2016 is the deadline to bring in your router to have it converted to our new system. Once this deadline is reached, the old system will be terminated and your internet will no longer work.
If you have your own router and have not converted yet, please do so ASAP by adding to your username.

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North Frontenac Telephone has recently applied and been approved for an allocation of IPv6 addresses.
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The internet service provider "" is owned and maintained by the North Frontenac Telephone Company in Sharbot Lake.

We offer competitively priced internet service and support to users in the Frontenac region.
North Frontenac Telephone Corporation Ltd. Provides local and long distance telephone services and is also an Internet Service Provider (ISP), with the options of regular and high-speed DSL connections. We currently provide service to 2,375 customers.
Our company is an active member of the Independant Telecommunications Providers Association (ITPA), which is a non-profit co-operative created to represent independent local exchange carriers in Ontario to government and industry associates.
The ITPA guides its member with telecommunications policies and direction in key areas such as technology, regulation, settlement and unity among Independents. It also identifies the industry's issues and trends and regulates to its members, compliance and government guidelines established by the CRTC. The ITPA currently has 19 Independent local exchange carriers (members) in Ontario and serves approximately 100,000 customers.

Our Mission

North Frontenac Telephone Corporation Ltd. Is an independent telephone company and Internet Service Provider dedicated to providing its customers with reliable, fast and affordable service in the Frontenac region.
Our company prides itself on its knowledgeable staff and technicians who constantly update their skills by attending industry meetings and training sessions. We are very focused on having the latest technology and options for our customers including DSL High Speed Internet and various bill payment options.
Customer-relations are also extremely important to North Frontenac Telephone Corporation Ltd. We have an annual Customer Appreciation Day, which consists of an afternoon barbeque and cake reception with draws and prizes for our customers. This also serves as a time for our customers to interact with our staff to ensure that we are meeting their needs.

Community History

About 1830, after many fierce battles the Huron and Ojibwa Tribes fled north, and the Iroquois looked over their conquered territory.
In search of good fishing and hunting a family of Mohawks led by Francis Sharbot came up the Fall River to a lake of many islands. Bass fishing was excellent. Crossing through the narrows in their birch bark canoes, they entered the second part of the lake and found pike and lake trout in abundance. Pitching their Tepee, they decided to stay, thus Sharbot Lake was named for these first explorers.
Sharbot lake together with other lakes and streams of the Land O' Lakes area, invites you to fish, water ski, or swim in it's clear waters. Sandy beaches are available for swimmers, and public docks are provided for boaters. The land now comprises the Village of Sharbot Lake, was sold in 1875 for a sum of $75. Those days are gone forever.
This busy, friendly little community now supports a doctor, a dentist, a fire department and numerous stores. Garages are equipped to repair either your car or boat motor.

This information was taken from the "Sharbot Lake Historical Society"

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NFTC offers a 2.5MEG and 10MEG package.

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