North Frontenac Telephone Company
1019 Windwood Drive
Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613.279.2193
Toll Free: 1.888.638.3575

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NFTC your local Internet, TV, and Phone Provider

The internet service provider "" is owned and maintained by the North Frontenac Telephone Company in Sharbot Lake.

North Frontenac Telephone Corporation Ltd. Provides local and long distance telephone services and is also an Internet Service Provider (ISP), with the options of regular and high-speed connections. We currently provide service to 2,375 customers.
Our company is an active member of the Independant Telecommunications Providers Association (ITPA), which is a non-profit co-operative created to represent independent local exchange carriers in Ontario to government and industry associates.
The ITPA guides its member with telecommunications policies and direction in key areas such as technology, regulation, settlement and unity among Independents. It also identifies the industry's issues and trends and regulates to its members, compliance and government guidelines established by the CRTC. The ITPA currently has 19 Independent local exchange carriers (members) in Ontario and serves approximately 100,000 customers.

Our Mission

North Frontenac Telephone Corporation Ltd. Is an independent telephone company and Internet Service Provider dedicated to providing its customers with reliable, fast and affordable service in in rural communities.
Our company prides itself on its knowledgeable staff and technicians who constantly update their skills by attending industry meetings and training sessions. We are very focused on having the latest technology and options for our customers including High Speed IPTV Internet and various bill payment options.
Customer-relations are also extremely important to North Frontenac Telephone Corporation Ltd. We have an annual Customer Appreciation Day, which consists of an afternoon barbeque and cake reception with draws and prizes for our customers. This also serves as a time for our customers to interact with our staff to ensure that we are meeting their needs.

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